Why Us?

south-beachIf you are planning a family vacation or business trip and setting up to make reservations for a hotel then think again!!! Our accommodation facilities available offer you similar services in almost half the price and are the best alternate to expensive hotels as they are highly economical. Renting a fully furnished condo or house is the right choice especially, if you are planning a long trip.

We also offer you a great amount of privacy and flexibility. If you don’t want to be disturbed by room service and wish to stay away from the stringent formalities of hotel reservations then one of our rentals is the right choice for you. Its nice not have to make a check-in and check-out entry every time you are going out as in the case of hotels. You also get to know more about the Miami Beach culture, lifestyle, and norms of the tourist destination by staying in one of our accommodations as it gives you a chance to interact with local people living nearby.

When in a hotel you just get to touch the surface level of a place without getting an insight of the real South Beach life.

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